Saturday, April 10, 2004

Well, now this is linked to my website so I'd better be more faithful with this. I'm not all that hot at keeping up on things. My bedroom looks like a deer came in from the woods and ran around a spell before disappearing in a flash of white tail and dark hooves. Okay, maybe that was overstating it a bit and it smacks too much of someone trying to sound poetic and missing the mark. Actually, it looks like bedroom stew. I stir it once a week and it still manages to go right back the way it was.

Yesterday was Good Friday, and once again I have to wonder about a God who loves so lavishly. I read some wack letter by a Christian hater on the internet. I've got to admit it, my first thought was, "What a boob." I'd like to say I have the Jesus Reaction first off. But I don't. It really colored my Good Friday, thinking about his rantings that he proclaimed "devastating" to Christianity. Basically it raised a lot of questions then said, "And all the burden of proof is on you. All I have to do is ask the questions." A lot of the "what ifs" were just crazy. And I guess I could go into them here, but I won't. I realized, though, this morning, that God loves this guy too. Like Jesus said, "What's so great if you love those who love you? Love your enemies and that's where the reward comes in." (LS Paraphrase!) If God is love, He loves those who hate Him, like this Christian-hater. So then, I guess I don't really have a choice but to love him too.

Anyway, this thought came to me about it all. He calls his questions "devastating" but in reality he's doing all us annoying Christians a favor. He's making us answer them, even in our own minds, and in the end causing our faith to be strengthened. That's pretty cool. I'll take it.

And his knee is going to bow someday to this Lord Jesus he despised on the earth.

So today is the day Christ was lying in the tomb and doing all sorts of things behind the scenes. I'm feeling quiet today, and soon I have to leave to go practice with the worst choir in Christendom for the Easter service tomorrow. I wrote about a choir in my book The Church Ladies. To be honest, this is even worse than what I imagined in that little fictional foray. I'm the pianist. And I think I'm the worst one!



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