Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Gwynnie had a 24 hour migraine. She's only seven and I feel so sorry for her. But the medicine finally worked for good and she's happy, fed, and watching Freaky Friday.

I found out today that some of the hollywood women have had ribs removed to make them thinner. This is great. Women have made such strides and now we're disfiguring our bodies. I'm sure these people would describe themselves as feminists, but are they feminine? And is being feminine being the most ultimate feminist? I would say yes. I am woman, 36-32-41. (I just took my measurements to make sure, and my hips are 3 inches bigger than I thought, o, joy!) I have all my ribs, all my original cellulite, having-nursed-babies bazooms and upper arms that are increasingly puffing up as I age!

We should celebrate this, at least when we're not comparing ourselves to the rib-challenged.

God created us to be nuturing softies. I truly believe this. Yep, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Only nowadays, we're doing things with the other hand too: writing, painting, running factory machines, teaching, doctoring, and, in essence, redeeming life and making it better than when we found it.

Personally, my stomach and liver are a little too valuable to me to remove that boney protection that shields them.

Another rumor: Demi Moore runs 15 miles a day and works out 2 hours in the gym to look like that!

Well, that's freeing! Who the heck has the time for *that*?

Heading off to steal some candy from an Easter basket or two! Might I suggest you do the same?



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