Thursday, May 20, 2004

in response to yesterday's comments as well as regarding separation

First of all, I appreciate any and all comments. I love dialogue! Friends, thanks for your Gwynnie comments. Another event from the mean girls happened yesterday, and I was able to talk to the teacher this morning. I would have totally misinterpreted things a week ago. So, you know, let's lift our coffee or teacups to the grace of God this morning! Cheers! To Sue, you're exactly right that this prisoner abuse fiasco shouldn't be an excuse to color everyone in the military. I hope I didn't come across that way. I actually am friends with a lot of career (or retired from career) military people (we live right between Aberdeen and Edgewood Maryland which makes us almost as military-friendly as, say, Chespeake/Norfolk, VA!) and hold them in high regard and appreciate their service (and yours) to me and my country. My point was with Christians and how they can act like it's "just one of our dirty little secrets" and then get on their moral high horse about our country turning away from God.

News Flash! We did that years ago!

Now it's time for us to be Jesus. (I'm off of the military topic now!) Which leads me to my major spout-off today: separation. I grew up in this weird mixture of fundamentalism. My church wasn't legalistic in the sense of "don't wear pants, don't go to movies" but they were extremely right-wing, John Birch style conservatives. So honestly, if you were a liberal democrat--you couldn't possibly know the Lord! The school I attended was worse. Very legalistic, fundamentalist, judgemental (I invite you to insert your own descriptor here!). I next went of to a very, very fundamentalist, strict college. So I heard a lot about the topic of separation. Live in the world, but not of it. Which being interpreted by the practical stance of their lives actually meant, "Live on the planet but not in society."

No wonder our country went down the tubes! We separated ourselves from the culture and are surprised things have ended up this way?

Then there was secondary separation, separating from brothers and sisters in Christ not in agreement with their stance.

No wonder our witness was unheard! And when any sort of evangelism was done, it was more like a secret mission. Run down, preach, tell people they're going to hell, then get the heck out of there!

But I'm excited about the future! I'm excited that people are willing to get out there now, befriend those who need Jesus without feeling the need to stuff their mouths full of chick tracks! We are free to love, give account of our faith in Christ when the conversation rolls around to it (without having to manipulated the conversation ALL THE TIME to it--like people who aren't Christians can't see through that! Please!), but more importantly, serve them. Serve . . . them?

That's exactly right.

Wow, what a concept!

George Barna did a study (if you want me to find the exact percentage I will, but right now I'm on a roll!) that showed within two years of conversion, 80% of people had no unsaved friends left. Now, I realize that some of the common ground people had in the past with their friends was built on alcohol, drugs, sex ('n rock 'n roll!), but how can those who need God hear unless we go to them, or, in some cases, stick with them long after we've come to faith? 90% of life is simply showing up. The Spirit is more than capable of convicting a heart. It's up to us to follow the example of Christ who "ate with publicans and sinners" whores and all manner people, to love our neighbors as ourselves, to love as He loves. Christ isn't exactly choosy about who He loves, now is He?

How do you get out there and meet people? I've taken up enough of your time so I'll write more tomorrow on how God has given me a place where I can love others and actually, truly be loved and appreciated in return. But I'd love to hear how some of you have been able to serve and connect.

grace on this day,



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