Monday, April 26, 2004

New Directions

Okay, I'm already bored with the fundamentalists' quotes. It's weirding me out thinking about people assigning such sexuality to such benign, God-pleasing activities. I read a note on the same website as my last quote about The Passion, and the woman had to beg God's forgiveness after seeing it. I'm not doubting her sincerity at all. But after I saw The Passion, I felt such a renewed spirit of repentence and a willingness to lay it all on the line for Him. Which God is requiring of my family more and more.

So . . . met with a wonderful group of ladies in Littlestown, PA on Saturday at The Littlestown Chapel. They had read The Church Ladies. We had a great discussion at the church and they took me out to lunch in Westminster, Maryland to The Fat Cat Cafe. It's cool to connect with sisters-in-Christ like that. I wish I did more of this, but I have to wait as they come. I'm doing on-line book clubs now and had my first one last month. That was a hoot, too. Those ladies were from Texas. It seems that no matter where we live, we sisters just jump on that relating wagon and off we go. Feminists go on and on about 'sisterhood.' Let me tell you, those ladies don't know the half of what those words can mean.

The pressure of being a woman in a man's world?

Pah! How about the pressure of being a woman in the church? Gloria Steinham wouldn't last ten minutes!

And yes, we can be hard to deal with, (and for those of us in conservative churches and denominations, being in subjection to only male leadership isn't always fun and games), but there are those moments, during heart-to-heart conversation or serving alongside one another, that we shine the light of Christ. And it is good.

My husband Will is listening to God's call for ministry and we'll be heading off to seminary next year. If you've read The Church Ladies, this happens to the main character at just about my age. I swear. :-

How about you, though? God calling you to a new direction? Want to share with me or the blog? Email me at My husband always says, "God's Busy!" How's He leading you? Are you even 'part of the program?' Sure hope so. Wouldn't want you to miss out!

grace, lady, to you today. yes, i mean you!!



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