Friday, April 16, 2004


I was surfing the internet last night under "fundamentalism" and was reading about women wearing pants and that wicked CCM (Christian Contemporary Music). I have to admit these people throw me right into the arena of sin and I do nothing to stop it. I think all sorts of disparaging thoughts about brothers and sisters in Christ. Honestly, though, some of it is just gross. Especially the concentration on "sensuality" when it comes to music and the accusations that Christians who like praise and worship are getting a sexual thrill from 'the beat.' I'll be putting up several quotes today from David W. Cloud's website. Man, I wish I had the extra time he does to write copious discharges on the devil's music and women's hair and clothing. Then again, I have time for blogging so who am I to judge?

On a different, less disgusted note, do you ever have mornings where you wake up and say, "God help me." And mean it? No strings. No requests or stipulations. That was me this morning.



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