Wednesday, April 14, 2004

check out

I tried to get this on here as a link but, typically for me, I couldn't get it to work. I'm not surprised by this one bit.

Another book you might want to check out is a book by a writer-friend of min, John Fischer. Fearless Faith. It is right on! (I sort of miss 60's speak, don't you?) Read this book if you want to walk down the street and not be scared of the people around you. Read this book if you want to know who the true enemy of the believer is. Read this book if you want to be freed up to love as Jesus did.

First person that responds to this blog by emailing me at gets a free copy of this book. It's that important. I'll slip in one of my books too if you want one. Let me know in the email.

Do you ever have a day when all your stuff wears you down? I swear, if I could just take the roof off of my house, tip the darn building on its side and shake, shake, I'd do it. I guess I'd have to box up my books first. Yeah, I can't ever seem to get rid of a book, even if I hated it. Anybody else long for their own library?

Grace on this day.


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