Monday, June 28, 2004

holy socks batman!

Today's lovely offering from the CBA floor . . . Holy Socks - faith for your feet.

Favorite book: The Maker's Diet - healing the Church, one person at a time. The scary thing about that is, it sounds eerily like the Scripture Candy motto.

Lots of patterned pedal pusher pants with mid-heel thong shoes this year. One lady in pineapple patterned pedal pusher pants produced a putrid expression because Gwynnie had the audacity to swirl her bag around. Well!

But it wasn't all bad. I want to tell you about Ed and Janet tomorrow and the work they're doing. Now this is something revolutionary in the world of missions and is as fabulous as Phyllis Tickle! I can't wait for you to hear. But for now, the pizza's here!




Blogger Becca said...

"Holy socks, Batman." I'm picturing Adam West and Burt Ward bound tightly in a pair of huge socks, hung from the ceiling of an abandoned warehouse. Pick your villain for the mastermind of the complex method of killing the duo, who of course will find a way out. Maybe Batman will have a sock-shredding tool on his utility belt or something silly like that.

Ah, I miss the days when Dad and I would watch "Batman" reruns, laughing at them and loving the cheesiness. :)

Eagerly awaiting your next post. BTW, the food lover in me is curious about the kind of pizza you had. My fave is Hawaiian.

June 28, 2004 at 11:17 PM  

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