Monday, July 26, 2004

Bring 'Em Back Alive

This book is just fabulous.  Go buy a copy.  Really.  Cool segment below when Dave Burchett, speaking of God's vision and purpose for a pastor, touched on something that pertains to writers. On page 81.

"May I suggest that God is big enough to be creative with His vision and purpose for your flock (writing)?  When I study how God works throughout the Bible, I see that His methods are unique in almost every situation.  I don't discount that much can be learned from other churches, but I do struggle with the "seminary (writing conference?) mentality" that suggests it is important for Fellowship A to look as much as possible like Fellowship B because Fellowship B is, by all accounts, "successful." To draw a comparison, I cannot write like Philip Yancey because my brain isn't big enough.  It would be a huge mistake for me to try to copy what Yancey does, and if I pursued that vain effort, I would miss God's purposes for me.  So I attempt to communicate with humor and candor what God is teaching me. I write like Dave Burchett, and I am confident that I will face little competition in this niche.  What I'm trying to say is, give yourself and the Holy Spirit some credit.  God may just have something in mind for your flock (writing) that won't come from any seminar."




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