Monday, July 12, 2004

wow, some childcare arrangement!

Lea Fastow, wife of Enron finance chief Andrew Fastow is heading off to prison today. They worked out a deal that Andrew would cooperate with the prosecution against Kenneth Lay, so he could stay home while she serves her 12 month sentence.

"The Fastows, who have two sons under the age of 10, wanted to avoid simultaneous prison sentences."

Aw, how sweet.

You know, my parents, Joy and Bill, definitely had their issues. But they were decent people who abided by the law and tried to do what was right. While I often failed to understand them, they never were an embarrassment to me, they never walked so far beyond what was best for the family they couldn't make their way home.




Blogger Katy said...

Lisa, Yeah. Instead of just a two-career couple, they're a two-criminal couple.

My parents had issues, too, not the least of which was that my dad embezzled a huge chunk of change from the bank where he worked when I was eight, and used the money to gamble, thinking he'd replace the money before the bank found out, because OF COURSE he would place only winning bets!! (This was way before anyone talked about "white collar crime.")He managed to avoid jail, succeeded in escaping getting killed by the Mafia (they were after him for bad debts), and even evaded my mother's threats of divorce--how, I still haven't figured out!

My mother was so straight, though, that I almost died when I caught her once smoking a cigarette. She managed to hold the fam together, for which I give her a lot of credit...but my dad provided all the color!

It's amazing anybody ever turns out even halfway OK, isn't it?

July 12, 2004 at 2:48 PM  

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