Saturday, August 07, 2004

Boxer Man

While hanging out at the cigar shop this afternoon I had the chance to chat with an almost 75-year-old man, wheelchair bound for 51 years, who used to be a boxer.

"Did you ever get your nose broken?" I asked.

"Just once. I came out the ring and my trainer says, 'Your nose is broken.' I asked, 'Really?' He said, 'Yeah, looks like you're turning a corner.'"

Boxer man winked then, said, "Good thing I didn't sneeze. I mighta blew my ear off!"

He's not mad or angry about life in a wheelchair. In fact, he's crazy and nice and talkative. "I find it's better not to go through life miserable."

And if anybody could, it would be Boxer Man.

Makes you more than a little thankful, doesn't it?




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