Wednesday, July 28, 2004

an honor

"My future starts when I wake up every morning... Every day I find something creative to do with my life."

Miles Davis (1926 - 1991)

We have a cat named Miles Davis.  He wears his black fur long and fluffy.  He possesses attitude.  Everyday he waits by the door in the family room, ready to go outside, roam around, hunt small helpless creatures and sit by the tree in the neighbor's yard outside their sunroom.  Molly, the little white terrier barks and barks at Miles from behind the glass.  Miles sits there and if he could fashion an expression, it would be a smirk.  Miles has business to do and he does it.

So do we.  And we are honored to have been bestowed with a certain creativity that cuts out words and sews them together in strings and bits, braids and twists, patches and patterns, creating a unique design.    Maybe it's a tapestry.  Perhaps it's a quilt. Maybe it's homespun garland, each scrap of fabric knotted tightly to some cord in a pattern you've carefully chosen.  Whatever it is it's yours alone and it won't get finished without you.

And when it's done, ah, when it's done, the sense of accomplishment is like no other.




Blogger Paula said...

Yes. I love the sense of accomplishment--but with novel writing when is it really done???????

July 28, 2004 at 11:18 PM  
Blogger lisa said...

Nah, it's never done, if perfection is your goal. But if you want to move onto other projects after agonizing enough on the darn thing, you simply have to push it out of the nest and start laying another egg! I hate my stuff so much by the time I send it off, if I didn't absolutely *have* to meet a deadline, I'd never be published again. But that letting go is such a good feeling and it is in that moment that I hope Fred Rogers is right, that a holy place rests between my best effort and the person that needs it.

July 29, 2004 at 7:50 AM  

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