Friday, August 13, 2004


During our phases when we have cable TV, I'm a FoodTV junkie. Of course, I love Sara Moulton, and Jamie Oliver is just a doll-baby. And the others. Emeril is fine, but I find I have to take him in small doses the older he gets.

But the Grande Dame of Food Television died today at 91. In her sleep. I do wonder what Julia Child's last meal consisted of. I'd be surprised if it didn't include real butter and was accompanied by a great wine. She pioneered gourmet cooking for real people and I loved her for that. I especially loved her sessions with Jacques Pepin and her childlike delight when she learned a new process. If it really was new to her. Somehow I doubt it was. But she loved what she did and the people she did it with and knew what it was like to feel delight and display graciousness.

This past spring, Tyler, Jake and I had the awesome privilege of viewing the new display of Julia's actual kitchen at the Smithsonian. Okay, Tyler and I enjoyed it. Jake wanted to know when we were going to get to see the dinosaur stuff. I thought of all the fancy-schmancy kitchens today they dub "gourmet kitchens" and wanted to laugh. Old aluminum cabinets and walls covered in pegboard suited Julia Child. Now that's a gourmet kitchen.

With Julia gone, I guess Weight Watchers makes sense now. I'd always look at her and say, "She sure isn't worried about a few extra pounds, and who can blame her? She's a fabulous woman!" As a friend of mind would say, "That woman is Divalicious!"

I know I'll miss her.




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