Tuesday, August 10, 2004

plain truth, tyler style

From Tyler's health assignment today. Her answers are in italics.

1. What are some of the drugs you have heard your peers talking about? Pot, speed, cocaine…

2. How dangerous do you think these drugs are? They are very dangerous. Some of them can kill you.

3. Without stating any names, do you know anyone who has had a bad experience or overdose from drugs? Yes.

4. If you were at a party or club, and someone put drugs in your drink, how would you know? What if you couldn’t see it or taste it? You shouldn’t be hanging out in a crappy place like that.

5. Have you ever heard of "date rape drugs"? Yes.

6. If someone offers you a pill, is there any way to tell what’s in it? No. Don’t be an idiot. You shouldn’t take it.

7. Is there any way to know if it’s safe? No.

Sometimes it's refreshing to see the niceties removed, isn't it? Fourteen-year-olds are pretty darn good at that.




Blogger ragamuffin diva said...

Kiss that girl for me!

August 10, 2004 at 11:49 PM  

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